Friday, September 29, 2006

What I wil miss the most...

A dear friend of mine posted a commnt to my last entry and asked what I will miss the most when I move. Easy - friends and family.

I will miss talking to my mom every morning (yes, I talk to my mom every day! she is my best friend!).

I will miss the family get-togethers in San Diego with my aunties and grandma.

I will miss running upstairs to tell Staci about my day and either share the awesome thing that happened or rant about the idiots I encountered during the day, and the awesome Monday night dinners with with Staci, Alejandro and whoever else shows up.

There is so much that I will miss, but almost all of it centers around the time I spend with the people who are important to me. To all my dear friends & family: COME AND VISIT ME IN SICILY!!!

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