Monday, May 28, 2007


When I found out that we were moving to Sicily I started imagining what life would be like once we arrived - the look of the countryside, the beautiful beaches, etc. I love Sicily, but reality has rarely measured up to to the conjuring of my imagination...until this past weekend. Les & I made a trip to Cefalu on Saturday and discovered a quaint fishing village with beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters like those I'd only ever imagined.

We walked along the waterfront in the warm and slightly humid air. Stopped at a bar and bought cafe freddo (iced coffee with sugar and a scoop of coffee granita) and pistachio gelato - my new favorite flavor. We took our treats to the sea wall and just sat, talked a bit, watched people and watched the fishies in the clear water beneath our feet. Relaxed and refreshed we headed into the town and wandered in and out of tourist shops and finally came to the beautiful cathedral. We only peeked inside because I had left my shawl in the car and Europeans are particular about covered shoulders inside churches.

Panorama of Cefalu that I stitched together

It was a wonderful afternoon. We had hoped to go back on Sunday, this time taking our swim suits, but it was raining. We'll definitely visit again soon, hopefully before the place is swarming with summer tourists.

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*s* said...

Hey Angela, it's Sheena! I just thought I'd stop by your blog this morning. (I blog on blogspot too!)

1.) I'm so jealous of how much you two get out.
2.) your pictures are gorgeous! I think I could learn a thing or two from you. :D

Talk to you later!