Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pumpkin Tails - In the closet

Some people blog about their kids...I, on the other hand, blog about my cat.

Lately, it seems like I don't leave the house much. Yesterday it hit 111F, so going outside isn't too much fun. Combine that with Les' hectic work schedule and both of us taking classes, we don't get out much. When I'm house-bound the highlight of my day is usually something to do with my cat. Whether it is him barking at birds outside (yes, he barks) or his clumsy self rolling off of the ottoman since he was too relaxed, he is always good for a laugh.

Today as I was doing laundry, I opened up the linen closet, got out a fresh set of sheets, and then walked away. I later went back to the closet to put something else away to find a big ball of orange fluff curled up on my beach towel. This is what I get for leaving closet doors open.

He looked so cute I had to take a picture and share the excitement of my daily life with those that read my blog.

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*s* said...

lol aren't kitties fun? give them one second of opportunity to get into closets, and they'll take it. Mine do too. You have such a pretty cat! :) and it is definately way too hot here. :( blech. ttyl!