Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy Birthday to Meeeee!!

The last year of my 20's has begun. Yesterday was a bit bittersweet for me. Among happiness for a day of partying dedicated me I also had a small meltdown about growing up. I DON'T WANT TO! All around me it seems like my friends, some younger, some older, have reached adulthood; and by this I mean parenthood. Nearly all of my married friends are trying for kids, pregnant, or have a kid (and some of those are pregnant with their second child). I don't feel nearly old enough to be a parent, is that bad? I just don't want to grow up. It hit me yesterday that if I want to have kids I need to start seriously thinking about it. This is the right time, I guess....or at least that is what I witness around me. I'm just not sure I'm ready for all of that...and not sure I ever will be. I love kids but they turn lives upside down. Most of those who have kids wouldn't trade it for the world, but for some reason is scares the crap out of me.

But enough on that deep hubbie put together a great party for me last night. Along with a bunch of our friends we went to a Chinese food restaurant in Catania. It was really good! Definitely what I wanted. Thank you to all my friends for coming to my party even though most of you had to work today!! I know we were out late. And thank you for the generous gifts! I'm truly blessed to have made such good friends in the year that I've been here. Living overseas has been a lot easier thanks to you.

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