Sunday, September 09, 2007

Male di Mare

This morning (or rather the middle of the night) I pulled myself out of bed at 2:10AM. Why? My dear husband convinced me to go deep-sea fishing with him. We left the house about 3:15AM and arrived on base for our 4:00AM pickup. From there we took about an hour and a half drive south to Marzamemi, where we caught our boat.

As we headed out of the harbor light was just beginning to appear over the horizon. I tried to capture it on my camera but between the darkness and rolling waves I didn't get much. As we headed out of the harbor and got a bit more light I was able to catch this one...I think I deleted 20+ other failed attempts...

Beginning of a sunrise over the Ionian Sea - notice the sliver of a moon and star

As it got brighter I was able to pick out where the sun would pop up

The sun making its first appearance of the day

Sun is up a bit higher and behind the clouds

Les gets started with his fishing

One by one our tour guide got us set up with fishing rods. I held on to mine for awhile until it was suggested that I bring it back in and change bait. By this point I wasn't feeling so well - hence the title of this post "male di mare". I tried mind over matter and deep breathing to overcome my annoying motion sickness and it worked for a little while, but eventually got the better of me. I decided to forget fishing for awhile and stumbled my way to the front of the boat where there was room to sit and lay down. I felt better for a few minutes and then a lot worse and ended up hanging over the railing of the boat...yeah, not fun. After that I pretty much crashed out for a couple of hours and dozed as the sun came up.

Once I finally felt okay to sit up I tried to make the best of our "adventure" and appreciate the fact that I was basking in the sun in the Ionian Sea.

This picture hardly does the sparkle in the water justice, but it was one of the things I marveled at for awhile.

I couldn't believe the color of the water, so gorgeous!

After several more hours we started to make our way back into the harbor. Since the fish didn't bite much the boat driver decided to take us near the fish farms to see if we'd have better luck there.
A fish farm

Another fish farm

The beautiful sky

My husband, exhausted after a grueling morning of fishing

All in all it was a good day, minus the sick bit. Once I got over that I really did enjoy myself. I didn't do anymore fishing, but Les brought home three fish and made a great dinner!


*s* said...

beautiful pictures as always. Sorry you got sick! That really sucks, but thankfully it didn't last the whole time... Glad you got to enjoy it. What a sight!

Trav'ler Jenn said...

Love the sea! Gorgeous pictures! Oh and let me know if you ever want Dramamine! Took it for the first time last time I went fishing and it saved the day! Highly recommended.