Friday, October 19, 2007

Day Three in Roma

Our third day in Rome was earmarked to be spent at the Vatican Museum. The rest of our family had opted for an organized tour so Mom and I were on our own. We visited St. Peter's Basilica on our previous trip but didn't have as much time as we would have liked in the Vatican Museum so we wanted to go back and see a bit more.

Courtyard of the Vatican Museum

I think this is Bacchus (the wine god)

Belvedere Torso by Michelangelo, Hercules seated on a lion skin

The back of The Belvedere Torso
You can see the paw of the lion skin

Happy Horse Mosaic
On the floor in the Round Room, mosaic once decorated the bottom of a pool in an ancient Roman bath

Another Happy Horse Mosaic
The happy horses make me smile

Egyptian god Anubis

Another Sculpture of Bacchus (god of wine)
This one is significant because of the glass eyes. This picture was really dark because of the bright light coming in from the window. I lightened is up so you can see the glass eyes.

Map of Sicilia in the Map Gallery
I didn't realize the first time I saw this picture that the island of Sicily is upside-down.

After our visit to the Vatican Museum we headed back to our flat and met up with my aunties. They wanted to come see our "hood." It was Chris' birthday so we bought her a bottle of Barolo wine (something she wanted to try before leaving Italy) and a Sicilian Cannolo (FYI Cannoli is plural). The cannolo was a shared birthday "cake" for Chris and Cyndy. Cyndy's birthday was a few days before. We put a small candle in the cannolo and mom and I sang them Happy Birthday.

That evening we went back to hotel with my aunties. They had discovered a restaurant the night before and wanted to take us there. il Pomodorino was an awesome restaurant! The prices were very reasonable and the food was amazing. I can't believe the amount of food we all put away that night!

After dinner we returned to the hotel with our family for limoncello. My aunts had picked up a bottle while they were on the Amalfi Coast. I love limoncello!

The "minibar" in my aunties' room

By the time we had finished our limoncello it was too late to take the Metro back to the flat. We chose a cab instead and got a mini-tour from our friendly driver.

It was another great, fun-filled day in Rome.

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