Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ever Heard of "Sweetest Day"?

Yesterday afternoon my hubbie came home from running errands with a card for me. I was a bit suspicious thinking "what did you do...?" He said he was wandering the card section of the exchange thinking of getting me something "just because" and he stumbled on a section for "Sweetest Day". My first thought was that Hallmark was making up holidays to sell cards, and their ploy caught my husband hook, line, and sinker. :)

This morning I turned the card over and noticed that the card wasn't by Hallmark, it was by American Greetings. Here is the little explanation about "Sweetest Day" that they have on the back of the card:

Celebrated on the third Saturday in October, Sweetest Day started in 1922, when a candy company employee organized a group to help deliver candy and small gifts to orphans and others whose lives needed brightening. Today, lovers and romantics embrace the day as well, but it's still a time to remember those who bring happiness to our lives.

Anyway, the card my hubbie gave me was very sweet and heartfelt. Thank you sweetheart! I love the little things you do to show me that you love me.

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