Saturday, October 27, 2007

Gas in the US is so CHEAP!

I don't want to hear anyone back home complain about gas prices!

Normally we buy coupons for gas on base and pay a semi-reasonable price per liter. We are allowed to buy coupons for up to 300 liters per month. The month we ran out of coupons and still have several days to go before we can buy more. Yesterday we had to pony up and buy gas for our car with Euro - at Italian prices. This means:
  1. We pay 1.311 Euro per Liter
  2. We pay approximately $1.47 for each Euro (the exchange rate keeps getting worse!)
This hit our pocketbook pretty hard:
  1. To fill up the car we took just over 54 Liters
  2. This came out to 71 Euro and change
So, to put this in American terms we took roughly 14.25 gallons for about $104.37.

I don't want to hear anyone in the US complain again that paying $3.50 per gallon is sooooo expensive. Try paying more than $7/gallon!

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