Friday, December 21, 2007

Buried Treasure

This week has passed by in a bit of a blur. I wish I could say it is because I've been so busy or having so much fun but the truth is that I've spent most of the week sick in bed. I have a cold or the flu or something. I don't feel horrible, but since I haven't had much to do I've taken the opportunity to try and sleep off whatever is getting me.

Today I feel better. It annoys me to be sick and unproductive so today I decided to start organizing my office and cleaning out my files for the end of the year. As I was sorting through the papers on my desk I came across an envelope addressed to me at my first college address. My mom had sent me a bunch of old pictures. I've been planning on doing something creative with them for years and have toted them around in this envelope from place to place. Today I decided to scan them into my photo library. I thought I'd share them here as a piece of my history.

My Dad's High School Senior Portrait

My Mom & Dad Getting Married August 12, 1972 at the Mission San Luis Ray, Oceanside, CA

Their HUGE wedding party! (Les & I only had 2 attendants each)

Grandma Campbell (My Mom's Mom)
Picture taken by my Great Aunt Dolores

Grandpa Campbell (My Mom's Dad)
Picture taken by my Great Aunt Dolores

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