Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It Doesn't Matter

Les' band, It Doesn't Matter, had their first gig Saturday night at a Restaurant/Hotel in Motta S. Anastasia!

While the band was setting up I meandered around outside and took a few pictures. It rained all morning and for a little while the clouds parted.

Mt. Etna with a fresh blanket of snow

We had a few hours to kill between setup and the gig so Les and I went to Etnapolis to finish up a bit of Christmas shopping. What a zoo! Think Wal-Mart on Black Friday. UGH! We found what we needed and got out!

Back at the restaurant we changed into our dinner clothes and Les worked on a sound check. Soon the party was going, dinner was over and the band was up!

It Doesn't Matter
Les, Terry, and John

He looks content on stage - yes?

The band did a great job and I had a really good time at the party! I think they already have a couple more gigs lined up. Hopefully word will spread and Les will earn enough to buy all of the new guitars and sound equipment he's been drooling over!

A bonus - Les made 30 Euro that night! They weren't expecting to get paid, but were handed the money at the end of the evening. Not only was it the band's first gig, but it was Les' first paying gig, ever!


Sheena said...

Tell Les we said Congrats! that is so cool! Hope they get some more gigs too, that would be awesome.

Angela said...

I will tell him :) Hopefully they get to play at Jox sometime soon so all of our friends can come hear them!

Sheena said...

that'd be too cool! we'd definitely come! :)