Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mineo Market Day

A couple of weeks ago Sheena and I decided that we needed to start going back to the local market for two reasons:
  1. The quality of the produce (the stuff available at the base commissary is sad at best)
  2. To get out and experience Italian/Sicilian culture
This past Friday Sheena and I took our cameras to the market with us. We ended up exploring a bit of Mineo before we made our purchases. We started by visiting a panificio (bread store) where I picked up a loaf of fresh bread and a few almond biscotti.

Part of our weekly ritual is getting a hot drink at a local bar. We've decided to try all of them (one a week) to see which is our favorite.

As we were walking back toward the market Sheena saw a souvenir store that she wanted to visit. The owner of the store noticed our cameras and asked if we were there to take pictures of the Presepi. Many Sicilian towns display several Nativity scenes during the Christmas season. We asked the shopkeeper where to find them and she said to follow the kids. There were several groups of children around, apparently on field trips to see the Presepi so we followed them.

Mt. Etna from Mineo

After wandering the streets of Mineo we decided we better go back to the market before it closed. The vendors noticed our cameras and were more than willing to for "foto?"

One of my favorite vegetable vendors

I picked up a lot of yummy vegies - here are some of my finds:




I always buy too much at the markets but I can resist the smells, the colors, the freshness! Needless to say, we've been getting our vitamins from all of the vegies.

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