Monday, December 03, 2007

Playing Catch Up - Paris, Day 3

I can't believe we've been home from vacation as long as we were on vacation! I don't know where the time has gone. I had intended to finish posting about our trip to Paris at least by the end of last week and, as you can see, that hasn't happened. I need to get my butt in gear before I start forgetting the minute details of our trip.

We got a late start on our third day in Paris. We were up quite late the night before trying to find a taxi back to the hotel and as a result we slept in late. We didn't leave the hotel until just before noon. We found a cafe nearby for brunch and then set off on the Rick Steves' Marais Walk. The walk started at the Place Bastille and then took us back toward our hotel and the Pompidou Center.

On the way to Place Bastille, walking down Rue du Rivoli I saw these faces on the side of a building. They made me smile.

Place de la Bastille with the Opera Bastille in the background.

Courtyard of Hotel de Sully

Off to the side of Place des Vosges
Earlier that day I saw this musician carrying his harp in a backpack case. I could have listened for awhile, beautiful music.

In the Carnavalet Museum

As we wandered the narrow streets we came across a small garden with this statue and rose garden in the middle. The garden even had wi-fi access!

That evening we contemplated going to the Picasso Museum but decided to it was a bit late and to get a snack instead. We headed into the Jewish Quarter hoping to find something yummy to eat. It was Sabbath so there wasn't much open. As we were about to give up (and the sun had gone down) we noticed divine smells coming from a small deli/bakery. We decided to go in and feasted on Pastrami Sandwiches and Apple Strudel. YUM!!

With new-found energy we headed back out toward the Pompidou Center - A massive modern art museum.

The view from the top floor of the Pompidou Center

The Pompidou Center was interesting. Modern Art isn't really my thing but they had some cool pieces. I think Les enjoyed it more than me. The Pompidou Center closed at 9:00P and we stayed until just before closing.

On our way back to our hotel we decided we needed to eat again. This time we went and had sushi. It was so good! I haven't had sushi since we left the States and I was in heaven!

We meandered back to the hotel exhausted after another great day in Paris.

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