Sunday, January 20, 2008

San Luis Obispo Art Center

For the past couple of months my mom has been encouraging me to join the San Luis Obispo Art Center. A few weeks ago I finally downloaded the application and sent in my check. Yesterday, while she was in the gallery checking on some of her own pieces, she checked to see if I was in the computer. I am officially a member!

The main reason I decided to join the Art Center was to have a venue to sell my artwork. Several months ago I sent 36 of my original art photo note cards to my mom to have them placed in a store where she was selling her work. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter, we decided to pull our artwork from the store. (The store owner had a fondness for unprofessional drama). Ever since, my cards have been sitting in my parent's house collecting dust. The Art Center takes a steep cut of the profits in their gallery, but hopefully some my cards will sell. I'd love to have an excuse to make more!

My second reason for joining the Art Center is that San Luis Obispo, CA is my hometown and hopefully I will live there again someday. I'm happy to support the local art community and promote my work at the same time.

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Sheena said...

Awesome! Good Luck!!!