Friday, January 18, 2008

Sicilian Gold

My weekly dose of Sicilian culture comes in the form of the weekly market in a nearby town. Even though I live in little America (aka military housing) I try to embrace the local way of life in the snippets that are available to me.

As the seasons change so do the fruits and vegetables available at the market. Right now it is orange season, and specifically blood oranges! I've been buying a kilo or two every week for the past few weeks. This week I had a few left over from last week and decided to juice them to free up room in my fruit bowl for the fresh ones I bought this morning. Nothing beats fresh squeezed orange juice! It is my Sicilian gold.

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Nicole said...

I miss Sicilian oranges so much!!

J&J said...

Were you at the Mineo market? I was there today too! I should have got some oranges...