Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Something Up His Sleeve

Sometime yesterday afternoon cabin fever started to set in. As I was contemplating taking a nap from boredom my husband suggested we take a drive down to Ragusa and go shopping. Money is tight right now so that didn't sound very fun to me. Window shopping just isn't that fun if I can't buy a little something now and then. He mentioned that there was some thing that he wanted to buy for me and that I wanted to go shopping. I decided the potential of a present from my hubbie was worth getting my butt in gear for.

When we arrived in Ragusa (about an hour away from our home) Les announced that he was in charge of the shopping trip and that I couldn't buy anything for myself until he found what he was looking for. My curious mind was feverishly trying to figure out what he was looking for. We meandered in and out of various clothing stores, not really stopping. There wasn't a pattern to the shops he would go into. They were all clothing stores, but he would go into some and pass by others and I wasn't sure why. After about an hour of this I was starting to get a bit frustrated. I wasn't given much of an option to stop and look at things that interested me. I was just following him around.

He didn't find what he was looking for at the first mall so we moved on to the second mall. I was really perplexed at this point. We made it through the majority of the second mall and then as we were meandering around a store he pulled out a dress and said I needed to try it on. It was a tea-length black silk dress. Pretty. So - then I was really curious! Why was he looking to buy me a dress? And a nice one at that?

I tried on the dress, but it didn't quite work out. One size was a bit snug - he liked it but I felt a bit too self conscious. The size up was definitely more comfortable, but he wasn't thrilled with the bagginess. It wasn't the most flattering. We moved on. In the next store we hit the jackpot! I tried on five or so different dresses and LOVED two of them. He bought them both for me! Both are black and hang to just below my knees. One is an empire waist, flowy chiffon and the other is a taffeta with box pleats and little bit of toole as a petticoat and a cute belted waist.

He gave me a date for next week and told me not to plan anything. He let me know that his plans were still pending, but hopefully I'll have a reason to wear one of my new dresses!

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Trav'ler Jenn said...

I want pictures of these lovely constructions! SHARE! (yeah... i am a bit bossy...)

Valerie said...

Oh!!! A mysterious husband...fascinating! :) Can't wait to see the dress and know what's up his sleeve!

Sheena said...

How sweet! I can't wait to hear about it either! and I want pictures too! Or to at least see them. Shoulda asked you today. :) Thanks again for the help!