Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I thought of it first...

For those of you who regularly read my blog, you know that I like to cook. I have a massive database on my computer of recipes. I use Shop 'N Cook Software to keep me organized. It is great. It took awhile for me to get all of my recipes entered, but it was worth it. I can select a recipe (or multiple recipes) and add the ingredients to my shopping list, then delete the items from the list that I already have in the pantry. I can also add non-recipe items to the shopping list (such as cat food). It even has a calendar function that helps me plan meals for the day, week, month, etc.

While this program is awesome, there are a few features that I wish it had - like a palm pilot-esque device that I could take into the kitchen rather than print massive amounts of recipe cards, or the same device could be taken to the grocery store. It would have all of my recipes on it so, if I found a particular ingredient at the store that I wasn't expecting, I could pick up everything else I need to make a particular meal.

As I was browsing other blogs on Google Reader this morning I found a post about a concept device for the kitchen on the Baking Bites blog. It is called the Kitchen Sync.

Here is what Nicole of Baking Bites has to say about the Kitchen Sync
"The Kitchen Sync looks a bit like a cookbook in shape. It is a small, flexible, washable screen with a dock that charges it and holds it upright. You can download recipes from your computer right onto the Sync and take the screen with you into the kitchen, where you can work right from the recipe (and follow links to buy necessary products and see tips online) without worry about damaging the gadget with slippery, sticky or otherwise messy foods."
Right now, the Kitchen Sync is just a concept product, yet to go into production, but I'm definitely interested! Who knows if I actually thought of this concept first, but I certainly don't have the technical knowledge to produce something like this. Good thing Noah Balmer (the designer of the Kitchen Sync) thought of it too!

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