Friday, March 28, 2008

Purple Carrots

Today's market find of the day: PURPLE CARROTS! How cool are they? After a quick Google search I learned that carrots come in many shades besides the usual orange. In fact, while carrots have been noted in history as far back as 2000 BC in Egyptian temple drawings (these were purple) orange carrots didn't appear until the Dutch bred them in the 16th century.

I could have sworn that my vegie vendor at the market said that they were more "dolce" (sweet), but I think I misunderstood. I tested one out when I got home and while it tastes like a carrot it certainly is not sweeter than an orange carrot. It had a very mild carrot flavor. I liked it. They will be beautiful in salads or just to munch on.

Up close and personal with a purple carrot that I have a bunch of purple carrots what should I do with them? Any suggestions? (besides salad?)


Cat said...

very cool, I had no idea what they looked like on inside, wish I was there to go to market with you....

Sheena said...

I think he did say dolce, but I agree, I didn't think they tasted much sweeter than a normal carrot. But they are gorgeous. :)