Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dancing Poppies

Today is the day I had been waiting for. Rich blue sky, warm but not hot with a breeze, and minimal haze on the horizon. It was GORGEOUS! I called my friend Sheena to see if she wanted to go hunting for wild flowers and beautiful views with me. Fifteen minutes later we were on the road. I took a whole GB of pictures today. These are my favorites.

This pictures is why this post is called 'Dancing Poppies'. I wish there was a way to capture the movement that a field of poppies makes, dancing in the breeze.

See the bee?!?! I didn't even realize I'd caught him until I loaded the picture onto my computer and saw it on a (much) bigger screen!

What a wonderful way to spend a morning! Thanks for going with me, Sheena! I really enjoyed your company.


Sheena said...

very nice! I really enjoyed the day too! :) Blogger won't let me upload my pics though. I got 10 that I like. I love your poppy ones, and the 2nd one, I was trying to do something with that same tree, but mine didn't come out right. The purple one is gorgeous too, I love the texture. I didn't even notice those. And of course, that little girl is just so adorable! lol.. oh yeah, I'm a little biased. haha. I love the one you got of me and Carlee. Very cool. Those barrels came out nice as well. Very cool visual interest. Gah those goats were so darn cute! Sigh... hopefully I'll get mine up soon. If not, I'll just try again tomorrow. I started tagging them again, and didn't realize that with the first two the entire picture wasn't showing, so my tag is right in the middle. LOL. oh well. I'm not redoing it. Talk to you later!

Cat said...

bellisimo, bella, fantastico
I so wish I was there, I LOVE the format of the first pictures, once again you need to tutor me.
Mama Mia

Valerie said...

I really, really enjoy your photography!!! Beautiful!!!!!

Robin said...