Friday, April 04, 2008

Naked Trees

I woke up to the sound of chainsaws this morning. I thought it was gardeners with weed whackers trimming the common area lawns. I didn't realize that the groundskeepers had gone to work on my tree until I went downstairs for breakfast and looked out my front window. My beautiful sweeping, swaying in the breeze, pepper tree is now naked. I miss how it filters the sunlight coming through my kitchen window in the morning. I miss how it (partially) blocks the sight of the cookie-cutter homes (just like mine, but in a sickening array of colors) across the street. Sigh. Nothing I could do, but watch as my tree came down, branch by branch until there wasn't much left. It looks pitiful now. I hope it grows fast!

As I was surveying the "damage" I noticed, on the bright side, that the lack of leaves made a beautiful shadow pattern on my lawn. I grabbed my camera. The groundskeepers, who were busy now dismantling the tree next door probably thought I was crazy out there with my camera and tripod taking pictures of the grass.

And now, this is what my tree looks like:

It was a beautiful morning. It was just a few short hours ago that I took these pictures and now the sky has clouded, some of the clouds are dark and menacing, and rain is threatening to fall.

I like the rain. It keeps things green. Sicily is gorgeous when it is green. Bring on the rain! I just better go to the gym soon unless I want to walk there and back in the rain.

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