Saturday, April 19, 2008

New Shoes for the Subi and Other Good Stuff

Yesterday was a GOOD day because:
  1. I went to the market with Sheena and her daughter in the morning for our weekly supply of fruits and vegies. Its always nice to get out and spend time with a friend.
  2. I finally started to make progress on the monstrous paper I have to write this week (I can't wait for this class to be over!)
  3. We had new shoes (tires) put on our Subi and got the wheel bearing fixed. It drives so smooth and quiet now! I love love love my/our car!!
  4. When Les got home he brought packages that came in the mail. One was a care package from one of my aunties with yummy goodies. The other package was from my mom and contained a NEW coffee maker and a few other goodies! Ours was on its way out and she just happened to have an extra in the closet. I love my family! They are so good to me!
  5. When Les and I went to take the car for a test drive with the new shoes he said he wanted to drive. When I opened the passenger door there was a pile of trash on the floor. I was ticked. I started chucking his trash across the center console into the drivers' seat. The last thing I picked up was a bag from the Exchange. I noticed something with a Coach print inside. Yep! My hubbie bought me a new purse!!!!! He is so sweet and thought he was so clever putting it with all of the trash and letting me get pissed off about it.
  6. On top of all those wonderful things my hubbie took me out for dinner :) Isn't he sweet!?
I feel loved!


Sheena said...

lol that was a good trick :)

Trav'ler Jenn said...

Funny man:) Great story!