Sunday, April 06, 2008

Pumpkin Tails - Showing the Camera Some Love

Last night Les & I went to the inaugural meeting of the new local photography club. It was so much fun! We got to meet other photographer-type people, see what types of camera equipment they use and the types of pictures they take.

Towards the end of the meeting we got down to business and started learning about apertures (f-stop), depth of field, and briefly touched on shutter speeds. I need to study and play with my camera to really understand it but the light is coming on!

After I finished writing a paper today I pulled out my camera to play a bit. I tested out some of the settings I learned and actually did better at getting the camera to give me what I was actually seeing!

Pumpkin was a good model. The camera loves him. He is so photogenic! I still did a bit of processing on the RAW files in Adobe Lightroom ...the exposure wasn't perfect, but I'm learning. :)

Expossure 0.6 sec at f/5.6

Exposure 1/8 sec at f/5.6
(I really like this one!)

Between the photography club and my new software (Lightroom and CS3) I will be posting more about the technical aspects of my work. I am open to suggestions and want to learn more so please comment if you have any ideas or tips!


Sheena said...

AHHH!!! I LOVE that second picture! Too adorable! I was looking foward to playing the aperture/shutter speed on the way home from Ramacca, but didn't get to. boo. this week hopefully. Glad you got your paper done!

Valerie said...

Please post more about the technicality of photography for us amateurs out there.

Love the pictures of Pumpkin, by the way. =)

Angela said...

Sheena - maybe we can get together before the next photog club meeting and practice the aperture/shutter speed settings on our cameras. :)

Val - I'll keep posting as I learn. All of the technical aspects of photography are new to me, but exciting now that I'm starting to understand them!