Monday, August 04, 2008

How can it be August 4 already?

I can't believe we are already into August.  I've been busy so I guess the saying "time flies when you are having fun" applies.  If you are wondering what has been keeping me busy I'd have to say:

  1. School - Today is the last day of week two (out of six) of my Enterprise Risk class. So far it isn't terribly hard so I've actually had time to get out and have a bit of fun!
  2. Shopping - Last week I spent the day in Catania with a friend.  We went to Auchan (where I found Creme d'Cassis!!!) and then to a nursery where I picked up a few more plants for my backyard.
  3. Gardening - Over the past several months I've discovered that I really like gardening!  My garden is mostly herbs, but my two most recent additions were Citronella plants to keep the mosquitoes away.
  4. Drinking coffee with friends - Sunday morning I had all of my best girlfriends in the area over for coffee and a light brunch. It was so nice just to relax, chat about life, catch up,  munch on tasty food, and sip coffee.
  5. Crafting - Last night my friend Sheena came over and we worked on stamping projects and making cards.  We had a really great time, talked a lot, and made some really cute stuff. She didn't leave until after 11pm.
  6. Travel - Tonight we area headed out of town for a concert.  We'll be staying the night and then doing a bit of exploring and sightseeing tomorrow.  I'm really looking forward to another mini-vacation.
And speaking of getting away tonight I better go pack a bag and finish my schoolwork for the day.  Hopefully later this week I'll have some fun pictures to post.  Until then, Ciao!

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