Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jill's Birthday

It seems like every long weekend falls in the middle of a challenging class. That means that Les & I are stuck at home while I study, study, study. Blah. Well, this past weekend wasn't any different, except that I received an invitation to go wine tasting for my friend Jill's birthday. How could I refuse? Friends? Wine? Food? I'm there! I spent Friday feverishly working on a long paper, hoping to get enough done so that I could enjoy myself on Saturday. I was successful and rewarded myself by taking all of Saturday off from school.

Saturday morning eight other girls and I loaded into two cars and set off into the foothills of Mt. Etna. We arrived at the Gambino Winery right on time for our lunch reservation. A lunch and tasting at Gambino consists of fresh bread, marinated vegies, meats and cheese, and of course, wine. We were able to taste five different varieties. All were delicious, but I definitely had my favorites.

After Lunch Jill opened her gifts as "the paparazzi" snapped pictures right and left. Outside of photography club I haven't seen so many DSLRs in such a small group! There were even a couple of girls complaining that they didn't bring theirs! I want to say that around 5 of us had DSLRs (out of 9!). Lots of talent (and nice photo equipment) in a small group.

Jill displaying her gifts

After lunch we took some time to meaner the wine shop and the winery grounds.  It is beautiful up there.  So peaceful. After buying a couple of bottles of wine (the Alicante, a rich delicious red) I took off on my own for a few minutes to snap a few pictures. 

Looking down on the town of Lingualossa

Jill, Thanks for including me in your birthday celebration!  I had a great time!


J&J said...

No...THANK YOU! It was such a fun time! I am so glad you could go. Besides, we might not have gotten there without your fabulous navigation skills!

Tami said...

I love that photo of the swirl with the mountains, you have a great eye for detail!