Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Angela Stadium!

After leaving San Diego mom & I made our way up to Long Beach for the motorcycle show.  On the way she had to stop in Anaheim and pick up tickets for the Supercross.  When we drove into the parking lot I noticed that the stadium had been named for me!


That evening my dad drove down and we met up with Mark & Karen.  Mark is the guy that my dad did his 4-corners trip with.  What a great character!  Such a great storeyteller and fun to listen to.  His wife, Karen, was very nice too.  Always cool to meet new, interesting people!  The motorcycle show was fun but I think Les would have liked it more.  He has the bike bug more than I do these days, but I know that when we get back we'll both be getting our motorcycle licenses. I couldn't let him do it without me!

We stayed Friday night in Long Beach and then headed back up to SLO on Saturday.  Sunday was spent putting up Christmas lights on my parents' house and I did a bit of yard work...more on that in the next post ;)

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Sheena said...

wow! you've been busy! Looks like you are having a blast. Same old same old here. =) Except, it's rainy today... =( yuck. I'm so jealous of your sunny pictures.