Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Swimin' with the Fishies...really big fishies

The highlight of my trip to San Diego was a day at Sea World.  It wasn't the usual day at an amusement park, we got to play with dolphins!  My mom, two of my aunts, and I signed up for the Dolphin Interaction Program and got to squeeze ourselves into wetsuits and actually get in the water with the dolphins! It was so cool!  The only downsides were that it wasn't long enough and we didn't get to actually swim with the dolphins. We did, however get to pet the dolphins, learned hand signals to make them do tricks, feed them slimy fish, and other fun stuff.  Here are a few of the professional pics from our time.

Mom and Chow-Chow Dancing, Aunt Chris and Autumn (the trainer) in the background

I got to dance with Stymie

Mom & Stymie
Gives a bit of perspective on how BIG dolphins are!

Me & Stymie

Chow-Chow's jumping skills with Cyndy, Mom, Autumn, Me, & Chris looking on

Cyndy, Mom, Me, & Chris HOLDING Stymie
She was HEAVY!!!

Playing withthe dolphins was such a cool experience!  I think actually swimming with dolphnins will need to be added to my bucket list.  I heard that you can actually swim with dolphins in Cabo...Mexico here I come!  More pictures from Sea World to follow in the next post...still have a bit of editing to do.


Mrs. Crab said...

OKay you're having WAY to much fun in the States!! I'm offically Jealous!! Hurry back we miss you at photoclub..

croissantpark said...

Yes, you definitely can swim with the dolphins in Mexico. If you live in the west, you can swim with the dolphins in Puerto Vallarta. I love that place. It is so beautiful. Looks like you had fun !!! Nice blog.
Merry Christmas,