Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Acireale and Taormina

We finally got a break this past Sunday from the dreary weather that has plagued us since we returned to Sicily.  I had been dying to take my new camera out to play but the constant threat of rain kept me indoors.

Sunday morning we set off north, first to Acireale.  We had been there once, for Carnivale, nearly two years ago.  It looks quite a bit different during the day and not covered with confetti and silly string.  It is a beautiful town, just north of Catania.

Acireale's Duomo, and a huge presepe (nativity scene) set up in the piazza

After wandering for awhile in Acireale, and enjoying a delicious lunch we headed farther north to Taormina. Les hadn't been there since our first few weeks in Sicily!! As always, Taormina was stunning.  It was cool, and it was starting to get dark, but we set out to explore the shops that were just opening up from riposo and to take the in the fabulous views along the way.

The sweeping view, looking south from Taormina

Once it got dark I put my camera away and just enjoyed people watching.  It was getting chilly so Les and I stopped for ciocolato caldo, Italian hot chocolate that is thick like a drinkable pudding.  It is so good! After we finished our snack we decided to make our way back to the car and home.  It was perfect timing.  I started feeling a few sprinkles of rain as we walked out of Taormina.  By the time we reached the car and pulled out of the parking garage it was raining, no longer sprinkling. A good time to head home.  We had a lovely day and vowed to visit Taormina more often.  I really hope we do!


Trav'ler Jenn said...

Love the shot of the lamp! Amazing. And i agree with you on cioclatto caldo. E molto buono!

Cat said...

oh my, found you while searching for the motorcycle shops at Acireale! What a great surprise