Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The last year of his 20's

A week ago my hubbie entered the last year of his 20's. His birthday was just two days after we returned to Sicily from our fantastic stateside adventure. We were exhausted and jet lagged, but I wanted to make sure his birthday didn't get pushed aside. We decided that a simple dinner out on his birthday would be fine and that we would have a party with a few close friends the following weekend.

Les chose to have his birthday party at the bowling alley on base.  He LOVES to bowl....me, not so much. I'm horrible at it, absolutely horrible, but it was for his birthday so I gladly took him bowling.  A few of our friends joined us and we had a good time just hanging out, eating pizza, and most of us merely attemping to roll the ball down the lane without flinging it into the gutter.  Les was in a whole other league...I think he was the only one who broke 100, and he did it all three games!

Thanks to our friends who were able to make it to the party on such short notice.  We are so lucky to have such good friends here in Sicily!

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Casey said...

Just happened across your blog and wanted to say hello. We are also military stationed overseas! We stopped in Sicily on a cruise last October. You are a brave woman for living there! :)