Monday, February 23, 2009

Carnevale in Sciacca

Carnevale, as always, was a blast.  The costumes, the food, the floats...nothing else quite like it.  This year we went to Sciacca.  It is supposed to be one of the biggest carnevale celebrations in Sicily. Our friends who were with us were a bit disappointed, they expected more, but we still had fun. This carnevale, however, was different than the one we experienced two years ago in Acireale. Acireale's carnevale celebration seemed a bit more family friendly.  Not that Sciacca's necessarily wasn't; there were kids everywhere, but I saw a lot more teenagers who were drunk, and many who needed to get a room if you know what I mean.  It wasn't quite the good-clean-fun that I expected based on my previous carnevale experience.

Lots of political commentary on the floats

This picture gives a bit of perspective on how BIG the floats were!

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Bernie Re said...

Hello: My girlfriend/partner Joey and I were in Sciacca two years ago at Carnevale 2007 we had a blast! We stayed at Fontana Calda in a small apartment ( Joey actually got to the wine and sausage float and got some! My family is from Sicilia and it was my first time there. We will go back, and hopefully soon! I would love to live there sometime for an extended period. It really feels like home to me. I'd love to hear more about your experiences in living there. Joey is a potter, so Sciacca was interesting to her, and I'm a painter, so it was interesting to me too -- seeing they really "paint" pottery there rather than throw pots. Hope you have a great time tonight for the burning of Peppe Nappa! - Best regards, Bernie Re and Joey Jablonski (