Friday, March 27, 2009

I LOVE Lipari

For the next portion of my parents' visit we took off to Lipari in the Aeolian Islands. We got a bit of a late start the morning we left but we finally made it to Milazzo to catch the ferry to the island. We arrived in Lipari mid-afternoon and after checking into our hotel, Hotel Oriente, we set off to explore the town and show my parents our favorite spots. As the sun went down we settled into a bar for a cocktail, pre-dinner munchies and conversation. After we finished our drinks we moved on and ended up at another bar where we sat for quite awhile until we decided we needed some "real" food for dinner (as opposed to chips, nuts, olives, etc.).  We enjoyed a late but delicious dinner and then returned to our hotel, fell into bed, and slept like rocks until morning (or at least Les & I did, apparently my parents' room was freezing and they couldn't figure out how to keep the heater on, ugh).

For our one full day on Lipari we rented modes of transportation - a scooter for my parents and a little go-cart type contraption for Les & I (the same one we had on our last visit).

Mom & Dad with their scooter

We set out to explore the island's main road which runs the perimeter of the island. Our first stop took us to a small port where we got out to stretch our legs and take a few photos. When we looked down into the water we saw massive numbers of jelly fish!  I don't remember seeing them last time we were in Lipari but I sure do remember feeling the one that stung me! I still have the scar.  I don't think I will ever swim there again after what I saw on this trip! Even though I don't want to swim with jellies again I am fascinated watching them.

 Did you see the tentacles!?!

And, just to give you an idea of how many were in the water...

Keep in mind that these picutres were taken from about 10 feet above the water.  These were not small jelly fish, I would guess that the first one in the first picture was about 8 inches, not including the stringy, long tentacles. Anyway, after being mesmerized by jellies we returned to our modes of transportation and continued around the island.

Looking down on Lipari Town

Lipari Town, this time from the other side of the cove

Canneto Beach

Towards the end of the day the breeze kicked up and it got cold. We returned the scooter and go-cart and after a brief freshening up at the hotel headed out for another great evening of drinks and dinner. We even ended up eating at the same restaurant the second night. It was good, but then again we didn't have too many options. Since we visited in the off season many of the shops and restaurants were closed.
Our final day in Lipari was spent packing up and then waiting for the return ferry. While we waited mom and I did a little bit of shopping and picked up a few delicious Aeolian treats. Once we returned to Sicily we drove to Acireale to begin my dad's favorite part of the visit - picking up a motorcycle that he rented for a week.

Stay tuned for my next "episode" :) More pictures and adventures to share!


Sheena said...

sigh... such beautiful pictures Angie! I love them! You really have a knack for capturing the beauty here.

Angela said...

Thanks, Sheena :)