Thursday, March 26, 2009

Two Wonderful Weeks

Exactly two weeks ago my parents arrived in Sicily.  It was my dad's second time here and my mom's third time.  I was determined to make sure that this trip was unique from the others, and I think I succeeded.  We covered a lot of new ground, even some of which was new for me. My dad even rented a motorcycle for a week of his stay and he took off exploring on his own which he thoroughly enjoyed.

I haven't posted anything since they arrived, being on the go most of the time. I took a TON of pictures, probably at least 1000+ and have spent a lot of time going through them to find the best ones to share here and to print out as cards for my upcoming craft fair this weekend.  Over the next few days I will be catching up and posting about my parents' visit.  They left yesterday evening, I'm bummed that they are gone, but I have great memories of our adventures.  I hope you enjoy my next several posts!


Robin said...

I have been checking your blog about once a week or so because you always have great pictures and stories of your adventures. My husband and I are coming to visit Clinton the first of May. We are meeting in Rome then coming down to Sicily for a week after a week up north. Thank you for always giving us such beautiful insights to Italy. I can't wait to visit.

Angela said...

Hi Robin, I'm so glad you enjoy my blog! Have a wonderful trip around Italy and if you need any local suggestions while you are in Sicily just let me know :)