Friday, April 03, 2009

Nearing the End

My parents last two full days in Sicily were busy, but I didn't take a single picture. On Monday, March 23 Mom and I used the day to take care of some business - shopping at the local supermercatos for Italian goodies to ship back, and then shipping those goodies along with ceramics and other treasures they had accumulated during their trip. Dad was off again on the motorcycle and Les went back to work. That evening we made enchiladas at home for dinner and my friend Cynthia came over with her adorable daughter. They stayed for dinner and we had a wonderful time. Cynthia's daughter is so cute and was our entertainment for the evening.

The next day I was on my own. Mom and dad took off together on the motorcycle and headed in the general direction of Siracusa with the intent of visiting motorcycle shops. They had a good, but cold day. That evening we enjoyed a great dinner at Family Restaurant, not far from our home.  Cynthia and her family joined us for dinner and we again enjoyed the antics of her daughter. My parents adored her, especially my dad!

The only day left to recap of their trip is the day they left. I will save that post for tomorrow.

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