Friday, May 22, 2009

La Scala Infiorata - Caltagirone

Yesterday a friend and I decided to go to Caltagirone to see the steps decorated for spring. We both love taking pictures so we were both lugging around our cameras and tripods in the sweltering heat (had to have been in the 90's) but we had a blast. I took the opportunity to practice a few HDR shots:

On our way to the steps I noticed a shoe sitting in a doorway.  Not sure what this means, but I had to take a picture.  I guess we got yelled at, I was oblivious in my little photo world.  Apparently the people inside the doorway were not happy at me taking their picture.  I just rolled my eyes and smiled. I didn't want their picture, just the doorway and the shoe.

The steps, decorated for Spring:

We walked all the way to the top of the steps, stopping in each of the ceramics shops and enjoying the handcrafted beauty that is unique to Caltagirone.

After our climb to the top of the steps we made our way back down to La Scala Ristorante where we enjoyed a delicious lunch of Fettucine with Aritchokes and Pancetta and Caprese Salads.  YUMMY!  And of course, no day trip in Sicily is complete without a scoop of gelato.  I had coconut, which was awesome!

After our lunch I had hoped that the steps would be nearly deserted during the afternoon resting time, but no such luck.  There were actually more people on the stairs in the afternoon that there had been earlier in the day.  There went my hopes of getting a picture of the stairs and flowers without people.  Oh well.

What a wonderful way to spend the day!

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