Sunday, May 10, 2009

Unexpected Happiness

This weekend has turned out to be unexpectedly nice, despite whatever is goin on in my sinuses and throat.  I have no voice & the sinus thing, well, doesn't need to be described. 

Friday was when I started not feeling too great but I toughed it out and got together with a couple of girlfrields to make baby shower invitations for a friend's shower.  They turned out exceptionally cute!  I will post a picture soon on my craft blog

Friday night I was invited by a friend to go out for a girls night at my favorite agriturismo.  We had a great time and enjoyed wonderful food!

Saturday morning I woke up to the phone ringing off of the hook.  Within the first 30 minutes of being up the phone rang at least six times.  Les got home from duty and even though I wasn't feeling too hot he convinced me to get out of the hosue for a bit. We went to Caltagirone to the Giardino Pubblico, a public park near the town center.  We had driven past it several times but never stopped.

We parked the car and noticed a nearby bar.  We stopped for refreshment before heading into the park.  We each had a beverage (sort of) that was tiramisu flavor. There was a little bit of cake at the bottom soaked with espresso and rum, and then topped with a creamy, semi icy tiramisu cream, and finally sprinkled with a bit of cocoa powder.  YUM!

Refreshed we set off into the park. We strolled along and chatted. I took a few pictures now and then.  Mostly Les & I just enjoyed each other's company.  It was really nice to have some one on one time with him.

Ceramic tile murals along the outer wall of the garden:

This one is my favorite :)

a gnarled old tree

Several of the footpaths were made out of small, smooth stones, each with a unique pattern:

A beautiful stage/gazebo at the center of the garden on top of the hill

At the top of the hill there was a small pond with ducks and a pair of swans.

Close-up of a swan

Once a fountain (i think) and now a planter

At the edge of the park is the Museo Ceramica, ceramics museum.  We had never been in so we decided to check it out.  No photos were allowed (unfortunately) but we enjoyed looking at the ceramics that date from prehistoric to modern.

After enjoying the park and museum we decided it was time for a light lunch.  We set out to find panini. It was the middle of riposo, so most things were closed, but we finally found a small bar.  They didn't have panini but they did have a couple of calzone and other savory treats.  I decided on a spinach calzone and Les got a cippollina. As we enjoyed our lunch we chatted with the bar owner in our broken Italian and his broken English.  His name is Giaccomo and his dream is to go to America for 2-3 months, rent a classic convertible and drive route 66. He was so nice to talk to.  We will definitely go back to his bar!

This morning, Sunday, Les was supposed to work. But due to a lucky mistake (lucky for him anyway, someone else is probably in hot water) he didn't have to go in. We decided instead to go up to Mineo for coffee. We just sat in the sun, chatted a bit, and enjoyed caffe doppio con latte (basically a double shot latte), and mandorla granite con brioche (Almond flavored Italian ice with sweet bread).

This afternoon is quiet.  We might go to base to get a few groceries, maybe take in a movie.  Just enjoying the slow pace.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms who read this blog, and especially to my mom who is the best mom ever!  I'm so blessed to have a great mom who is also my friend. :) I love you and miss you so much!

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