Thursday, June 25, 2009

London, Day 1 - Part 2

At the end of my last post I was patiently waiting for my luggage to be delivered to my friends' flat in London.  My wait lasted all day, not fun.  Around 5:30pm I had given up and started getting ready to go out.  K & I were meeting her husband at a pub for dinner and we had to leave by 6pm.  About 10 minutes before we walked out of the door my bags FINALLY arrived, all in one piece, nothing missing.  Woohoo!!  I hurried to put on fresh clothes and then we were out the door.

For dinner we went to a pub called The Horniman at Hay's which was on the south bank of the Thames.

I was looking forward to my first taste of London pub grub - fish and chips and a pint. K & I started with our beverages while we waited for her hubbie to arrive.

Once J arrived we ordered our dinner - three plates of beer battered cod which chips. YUM!

After dinner we took a short stroll along the river so I could glimpse a couple of the famous London sights: The Tower of London, and The Tower Bridge.

The Tower of London

The Tower & Bridge
Bracketed with HDR Processing

The Tower Bridge

After a few pictures we headed back to K&J's flat. Even with my very late start the evening was a GREAT introduction to London!

More London pictures and stories coming soon! I have a ton of pictures to sort through!

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