Thursday, June 25, 2009

London, Day 2

My second full day in London was spent in a very un-tourist way.  We walked from London Bridge Station past Southwark Cathedral to the Borough Market.

Southwark Cathedral

At the Borough Market you can find the typical fruits, vegies, meats, etc. presented in a very upscale fashion.  It is like farmers market meets Whole Foods!  In addition to the raw stuff they also had a huge selection of prepared foods that tantilized my senses with their aromas.

Sights around the Borough Market:

Brownie Tower

Meat Pies
These were so good!  We took four of them back to the flat and had them for dinner that night.

The preparation of "Proper Filter Coffee" at Monmouth Coffee Company

As we wandered the market we worked up an appetite.  K & J had beef sandwiches but I opted to go to a seafood stand that they said was one of the best and try the chicken & seafood green Thai curry with jasmine rice.  It was the best curry I have had, EVER!  I wasn't sure how the seafood would taste in the curry but it wasn't fishy at all, it was so deliciously fresh!

Once we finished our food we left the Borough Market to wander down the south bank of the Thames for a little while. On the way I saw Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.

We weren't able to walk far before our time was up and we had to head back to the flat.  K was having girlfriends from work over for a girly afternoon of movies, munchies, & mojitos.  Of course I was happy to participate!

After an afternoon full of drinking & eating the girls headed back to their respective neighborhoods and K & I went for a much needed walk to Greenwich Park.  The walk she took me on was a lot further than I expected, but the views were worth it!

View of the Queen's House from Greenwich Park
Bracketed & HDR Processed

After a lovely walk through Greenwich Park we headed back toward the flat.  It was getting late by the time we arrived, but we still managed to dig into the meat pies from the market and watch a bit of TV.  K & J introduced me to the show Black Books and it is hilarious!  I only saw two episodes so I need to get my hands on the rest. If you like British humor you'll probably like this show.

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