Saturday, June 27, 2009

London, Day 3

On my third day in London I dove into exploring some of the more touristy sights.  K & J took me on a grand tour that started in Trafalgar Square.

St. Martin-In-The-Fields

National Gallery

From Trafalgar Square we walked toward Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, and Westminster Abbey.

Big Ben
"not the clock, not the tower, but the bell that tolls the hour"

A glimpse of the London Eye

Westminster Abbey

The front of Westminster Abbey

From Westminster Abbey we walked through St. James's Park toward Buckingham Palace

In St. James's Park

In front of Buckingham Palace

Also in front of Buckingham Palace, with a view of Big Ben

At Buckingham Palace our tummies started telling us it was lunch time so we headed through Green Park to Piccadilly and grabbed sandwiches for lunch.  After lunch we walked through Piccadilly Circus and through the theater district toward Covent Garden.

In the theatre district, pedestrian only, this car was coming was someone royal!! No clue who, but still cool!

From Covent Garden we walked to the British Museum, which was on my must do/see list.  The priority? The Rosetta Stone!!  After my recent trip to Egypt, seeing this stone was a phenomenal experience for me.

The Rosetta Stone

The British Museum was awesome, so much to see.  We really only scratched the surface.  I could have spent several more hours there.  As it was, it was approaching evening and closing time.  We had walked quite a distance and were quite tired.  We decided to get off of our feet for a bit and stop at a nearby pub for a pint.

What a name for a Doctor's Office!! (It was near the British Museum)

We still had a few hours of daylight left and it was too early for dinner so we hopped on the tube to go to Harrods.  Sadly, because it was Sunday, it had closed early at 6pm....we got there around 6:30pm...sigh.


More Harrods

Since Harrods was closed we hopped on a bus and rode back to Chinatown for dinner.  We shared a fabulous meal.  After dinner we walked for a bit, but soon were tired and headed back to K & J's flat for the night.  A lot of walking, a lot of sights, a lot of fun!

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