Saturday, June 27, 2009

London, Day 4

On my 4th day in London, Monday, I took off on my own (K & J had to work) and headed toward Salisbury and Stonehenge.  The train ride was uneventful, about 2 hours.  I listened to my ipod and watched the countryside and towns go by.

Once I arrived in Salisbury I boarded a tour bus that runs every 1/2 hour for Stonehenge.

Field after field of beautiful poppies on the way to Stonehenge

As the bus pulled up to Stonehenge I noticed a group of druids lined up outside of the circle.  The previous day had been Summer Solstice.  Once I was off the bus and up to the stones the Druids had moved into the circle and were having some sort of ceremony.  Kind of cool on on hand, but slightly annoying because they are in almost all of my pictures.  Avoiding pictures of other tourists was hard enough!  Oh well.

Stonehenge was quite a sight to see, I'm so glad I went.  Looking at those stones, so ancient, so huge, it just blows my mind. It still seems a bit surreal that I was there just a few days ago.  When I was done absorbing Stonehenge I boarded another bus and headed into the town of Salisbury.

One of Salisbury's claims to fame is its cathedral.  The spire of the Salisbury Cathedral is the tallest Medieval Spire in Britain, and one of the tallest in the world (3rd or 4th, I think).

Salisbury Cathedral

Another view of the Salisbury Cathedral

Inside the Cathedral

The world's oldest mechanical working clock from 1386, inside the cathedral

Cathedral Interior
HDR Processed

Stained Glass inside the Cathedral

The Salisbury Cathedral also has a copy of the Magna Carta on display.  Only 4 of these documents from 1215 still survive. Sadly no photos were allowed in that room.

Salisbury Cathedral Facade

After wandering the cathedral I went in search of some lunch, a very late lunch.  On the way I admired some of the gardens of the homes near the cathedral.

After lunch I grabbed a coffee and then caught the next bus back to the train station.  After a short wait I was on my way back to London. I returned to the flat to find that K had already cooked dinner and had opened a bottle of wine.  We ate a delicious risotto, sipped our vino, chatted, & watched some TV.  Another great day in the UK!


Trav'ler Jenn said...

Love this new HDR stuff. That shot inside the cathedral is AMAZING! Sigh. I need to take you with me wherever i go to be my personal photographer. I bet i would have to pay you though hey? oh well! I just need to learn more about taking pics i guess...

Angela said...

HDR Stuff is a lot of fun! I'm getting better at it :) What I do is take three shots at different exposures and then blend them together to get maximum detail. And I'd love to go travel with you as your personal photographer!! hehe...we can work something out, LOL! I've been loving your NZ pics too. Ciao bella1