Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yoga Silhouettes at Sunset

One of the girls in my photography club had a great idea for this month's challenge photo (silhouettes) - yoga at sunset on the big round hay bales that are all over Sicily.  Unfortunately or original plan was foiled when the hay bales were collected a few days ago.  We quickly came up with a plan B because I really liked the idea of an outdoor yoga shoot at sunset.  We chose the rocky coast of Giardini Naxos, just south of Taormina.  I had a great time and am really happy with how the photos came out!


Meagan said...

Wow!! Great shots.. Really love the ones as twilight set in and the Silhouette is complete. The hues of purple really help to give it the serene "yogaesque" mood. I'm curious, what is the statue in the pictures?

Great job Angela!!

Angela said...

Thanks :) The ones toward the end are my favorites too. The statue is a wrought iron angel that looks very weathered, like it is supposed to look a bit worn from the salt air of the sea.