Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Les' Gig at Etnapolis

This past Saturday Les' band, Killer Tomato, played at a televised event at Etnapolis, a nearby shopping mall. I think it may have been the biggest crowd he's ever played for.  The band did an awesome job, I'm really proud of my hubby! The event was essentially a talent competition, very odd compared to what we are used to in America, but entertaining nonetheless.  Les' band was a guest performance, not part of the competition. I don't have time to write up a big description but I hope you enjoy the photos.

The stage, before the event began

Sound Check

My view of the stage once the show started - yes I was right behind a camera boom...

Odd...very odd - a very hairy bam-bam from Flintstones perhaps?? LOL

This gentleman was playing spoons and a harmonica, he was quite good!

A local band, Sugar Free, They were really good!

More Sugar Free

Commercial break setup for Killer Tomato - Waiting for their cue...

My Hubbie :)

The crowd while Les' band was playing

After they played, a quick chat with the MC, with the help of a translator

A Michael Jackson impersonator, he was young, maybe 17? and he was REALLY good!

Homemade Drum Set - it sounded really good!

A guy in the audience, obnoxious really, but the character & personality in his face really captivated me, typical Sicilian!

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Cat said...

looks like it was a great time. Les looks great and again just looks like he is in his element.