Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Photo Club in Cefalu

This past Saturday the Sigonella Photography Club went to Cefalu, one of my favorite towns in Sicily. Many of the photo club members hadn't been there before so I was happy to introduce them to the area.  The day started off beautiful and sunny.  When we arrived we all went our own directions to explore with plans to meet up again for lunch.

Medieval Washroom

Medieval Washroom

Gatti Siciliani - I have no idea what they were looking at!

A tower of the Duomo

Inside the cloisters of the duomo

Inside the cloisters, looking up at a tower of the duomo

Entry of the duomo

We met up with the rest of the group for lunch at a kebab shop that we had seen on our drive into town.  It was delicious!  I love Italian food but the chance to get something other than Italian is always a treat!  After lunch we stuck together as a group.  We went in search of gelato and took a few more photos along the way.

Piazza Reflection

After gelato we were contemplating which direction to go next.  I took a look at the sky and it was starting to look a bit ominous. I suggested that we meander our way back in the general direction of the cars because it looked like it could rain soon.

Perhaps 15 minutes later we felt the first sprinkles which soon became a substantial rain.  Instead of meandering we starting walking with purpose back to the cars.  Although the day was cut a tiny bit short because of the weather we had a great day.

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