Monday, November 09, 2009

Thirty Days of Thanksgiving, Day 9

Today has been quite ordinary, but when I really stop to think about it, so full of blessings!

Today I am thankful for:
  • My Bible study group & the wonderful women in it
  • The time to share and fellowship with those women each week
  • Having a comfortable home to welcome them into (today I hosted Bible study)
  • A drive that my hubbie and I took this evening which gave us the opportunity to talk though and work out an issue we'd been having
  • My husband noticing that I'd picked up the house and showing appreciation for it
  • Yummy kebab panini and french fries for dinner
  • Not having to clean up the kitchen because we ate out
  • Finishing up the last project for tomorrow's craft class
  • Christmas music (Yep, I'm listening to it right now!  But only when I'm working on Christmas projects for my craft classes, that makes it ok, right?)

I hope whoever reads this has a wonderful day! Take a moment to consider how your life has been blessed, and share in the comments if you'd like. I also challenge you to take a moment to make someone else's day special, even if its just something simple such as smiling at a random person you pass by on the street.  Who knows, that may be the best part of their day!


Cat said...

Another good entry, you continue to inspire me to recall my blessings as well, so it continues and who knows who else will do the same...
Christmas music while crafting Christmas projects, makes perfect sense to me!

Trav'ler Jenn said...

Hey turn up that music! Christmas cheer is never too early, or too late, nor should it be restricted to shopping malls and churches! Sing it girl!
And I am so glad for you that you have so much to be thankful for. What a life!

Angela said...

the Christmas music is back on! Right now it is Diana Krall, love it! Getting ready for tonight's card class. :)

Oh, and I NEVER restrict Christmas music to shopping malls and churches, I just try not to publicize that I have mine playing before Thanksgiving! LOL

J&J said...

Love this post! Well said. I really need to start writing on my blog again. Perhaps I'll write something on my blog about being thankful...always a good exercise!