Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ricotta Cheese Workshop

A couple of weeks ago I was able to go to a Ricotta Cheese Workshop with a couple of my girlfriends.  The workshop consisted of watching the cheese be made and then, my favorite parts, tasting the cheese and having a fantastic lunch using the cheese and other fresh, local products.

The beautiful, rustic ceiling of the restaurant

Making Tuma, the first cheese

The Tuma is ready!

Tuma with pepper corns, called Pepato

Big Basket of Tuma

Did I mention that all of this wonderful cheese is made from Sheep's Milk?

Lining up for milking, they know the drill

Around the farm, a bare tree with a strange spiky pod (the greenish thing)

Ricotta means re-cooked - Ricotta is the 2nd cheese and is a re-cook of the whey from the Tuma with more milk added.  Its almost ready!

This was a great way to spend a day!  I learned a lot and got to spend time with wonderful friends. I would definitely recommend this trip to others!


Carol said...

I make my own tuma cheese using liquid rennet and then make ricotta from the whey. Nice pictures!

Sophie said...

I came upon your blog doing a google search for Tuma Cheese and I was wondering if you sell Tuma Cheese. I would LOVE to get my hands on some of this stuff!!! Please let me know. Thanks much!

Angela said...

Sophie - Thanks for visiting my blog! Unfortunately I do not sell Tuma Cheese. These photos were taken in Sicily at a workshop I attended to learn more about the process of making Ricotta Cheese.

Sophie said...

Wow, how neat Angela! Sounds like a great experience. So, are you a pro at making Ricotta Cheese now? :) Thanks for the reply!

Angela said...

Sophie - I can probably claim to be an expert at eating ricotta, but not at making it! LOL! Honestly, I've never tried on my own. :)