Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another day on the Central Coast

This past weekend we finally got a break from the stormy weather.  My mom and I decided to head up the coast and enjoy the scenery. As we were about to leave we got a call from my brother who lives about 40 minutes up the road in Paso Robles. He didn't have anything going on so we decided to go pick him up and take him with us on our adventures.

We drove from Paso Robles on Highway 46 toward Cambria.  Along the way we stopped to take in the breathtaking view of the California coast.

My brother taking a few pictures

A panorama of the view, stitched from four shots

My adorable "little" brother

 Taking advantage of my zoom lens I was able to capture Morro Bay! (The big rock and the smoke stacks)

My bro, again

My mom, checking to see if she got "the shot"

Once we reached Cambria we stopped for lunch at Robin's Restaurant.  The food was fantastic!   I would definitely eat there again. Everything was very fresh and they had an eclectic menu that was right up my alley.

After lunch we wandered in and out of little shops in Cambria.  I took a lot of pictures inside of a very cool garden shop.

A glass ball

A very unusual planter

Planter Man #1

Another glass ball

An adorable bird house

Planter Man #2

After leaving Camria we drove south through Cayucos and into Morro Bay.  We stopped at a few shops and continued to enjoy the sun, ocean, and cool breezes.

A pinwheel outside of a shop

A neat garden decor thingy, I love how everything around the glass ball is reflected

Once we left Morro Bay my brother decided it was time to get back home so we dropped him off at the bus station and my mom and I did a bit more shopping.  Once we were thoroughly exhausted and ready for dinner we stopped for some Sushi at Sushiya in SLO.  Our meal was fantastic! With full tummies we headed home and settled in for the evening with a glass of wine.  Yep, another great day in California!

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