Friday, January 22, 2010

Stormy Morro Bay

Wednesday afternoon my mom and I headed to Morro Bay to take pictures of the massive waves produced by the storms that have been pounding the California coast.

Waves smashing against the north side of Morro Rock

It is hard to see from the photo how big those waves were but they were huge, really!

My beautiful mom!  You can get a bit of perspective from this shot as to how turbulent the ocean was.

Out in the Bay there were insane surfers - yes, those dots in the water are people!

Waves breaking over the seawall that protects the bay

In the picture above you can see the rain coming in over the ocean, past the seawall.  We had arrived during a break in the storm but we could see the rain coming.

 Mom, taking pictures

More big waves

Suddenly the rain that was coming hit with a vengence!  We quickly hid our cameras under out coats and ducked for cover behind a big rock.  The wind was blowing the rain horizontal so we were able to stay somewhat dry behind the rock.  Others weren't so lucky!  People who had walked farther out on the point came running and were drenched.  We had probably 20 people with us trying to take cover behind the rock!

After the squall, looking back toward the town of Morro Bay

As fast as the rain hit it passed by and we witnessed a pair of beautiful rainbows!

The aftereffects of the storm produced a fantastic sunset.  Although it cleared up a bit toward the end of the day we could see the next storm on the horizon.

Mom and I had a great time.  After taking pictures we met up with my dad, grandma, and grandpa for some fish and chips.  YUM!  What a great afternoon in a beautiful place.

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