Friday, March 26, 2010

Blood Oranges

One of my absolute favorite things about living in Sicily is Blood Orange Season.

Before moving here I had heard of blood oranges but had never seen or tasted one.  When I arrived in Sicily I was excited to learn that Sicily is one of the primary producers of Blood Oranges for the world.  They are oh so sweet and juicy and I love love love them!  A few days ago we bought an entire case and have been eating them with nearly every meal - as dessert, as a salad, a snack, you get the idea.

While I was stateside in January and February I found Blood Oranges in Trader Joes.  My mom bought a bag, and while they were not terrible, the did not come close to comparing to Sicilian Blood Oranges.  I am savoring every bite this season because this is my last Blood Orange Season living in Sicily.  I will miss them oh so much!


gretchen said...

yes you will miss them indeed! i remember the first time i got a screwdriver in Sicily, i was like "why is it red"??? They had used blood orange juice for the drink...yum!!

Angela said...

When I was stateside I found an AWESOME Blood Orange Martini mix at World Market. Just add vodka, and very tasty! It was pretty much the box variety of Blood Orange Juice. :) If you can find it, try it out!

Cat said...

don't forget the vino rosso with them! They are the best, enjoy a glass for me!

Angela said...

ooh, I forgot about having the juice with wine, thanks for the reminder!!!

And Sharon - if you read this, I accidentally deleted your comment. Sorry! Thanks for visiting my blog!