Sunday, April 25, 2010


Back to the travel posts!  More than a week later I still haven't finished blogging about our trip to Western Sicily.  Life has been crazy busy since we got back.  Lets see, where was I....ah yes, Segesta.

This was our second visit to the Greek ruins of Segesta (check out my post from the first visit here). I to visit Segesta again because on our first visit I was sick sick sick. I trooped along, but I was exhausted.  In addition to the fantastic temple Segesta also has an amphitheater but because I was feeling icky we didn't make the trip up the hill.  That alone turned out to be worth going back for, but more on that in a moment.

We happened to visit Segesta on a gorgeous day!  It was warm but not too hot and because it was Spring the wild flowers were everywhere!

After visiting the temple we trekked back down the hill to catch a bus up to the amphitheater.  I'm so glad we opted for the bus!  It was a long long way up.

The amphitheater was in amazing shape for its age and the view was spectacular!

Les sitting in the amphitheater at Segesta

Looking out from the amphitheater at the autostrada winding its way through the valley below
These orange flowers were covering entire hillsides, GORGEOUS!

Halfway back down the hill the bus stopped to let passengers take pictures.  I handed my camera to Les and he got the following shot:

Once we were back at the bottom of the hill we were ready for some lunch.  On our way to the cafe we stopped to talk with another American couple that we'd crossed paths with several time throughout the day.  Somehow they had missed their bus back to Trapani.  The next one wasn't for several hours and they had their two year old daughter with them.  Les & I offered to give them a ride back and to say thanks they bought us lunch.  We got along great with them and enjoyed chatting with them on our way back to Trapani.  We exchanged contact info and though I haven't heard from them yet I hope to connect with them soon.  I think getting to  know them better would be a lot of fun.

From Trapani we made our way to San Vito Lo Capo and the winding down portion of our vacation....The finale, coming soon!

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