Friday, April 02, 2010

Wildflower Hunting

Spring in Sicily is absolutely lovely!  Wildflowers explode out of the ground and the hillsides are alive with tall, swaying, green grass.  I wish it was like this year-round, but sadly this season passes quickly and soon the lovely green grass will be...well, no need to get ahead of myself.  I am enjoying the beauty as it is today!

This afternoon, after running errands, I came home and decided that I didn't feel like doing anything productive (i.e. housework) so I grabbed my camera and headed out to capture Sicily in the Spring.  I steered the car onto a couple of less-traveled roads that I know and took in the scenery.

As with any photo trip where I take pictures of flowers or anything closeup I am reminded of my desire for a dedicated macro lens.  I drool over this and because I don't have a grand to drop on it I also drool over this. I think I could do awesome things with both of these lenses.

Looking out toward the town of Mineo
I live in the valley between where I took this picture and the town on the opposing hill.

Snow capped Mt. Etna in the distance

Other than roads that had significantly deteriorated since the previous year I had a great time.  Its a good thing I drove cautiously or else the Subi wouldn't be in very good shape this evening. :)  Its amazing what mother nature can accomplish with black top and concrete in just a year's time.

Spring in Sicily is amazing!  Bellissima!


Cat said...

Loverly!! Tell me how you got such clear, sharp shots w/o a macro...share.....

Angela said...

lots of light+high shutter speeds+sharpening in post+small size pics for the web+pure luck

The breeze made it difficult, that and I didn't realize the IS on my lens was turned off (GRRRR!) I would have had a lot more good ones if had checked the settings on my lens before shooting! :)

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Gorgeous are right spring in Sicily is amazing...I don't want it to end!