Thursday, May 06, 2010

Now Showing...

A few months ago when I was back in the States I was contacted by the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art to ask if I was interested in participating in their business exhibit program.  Of course I said yes!!

What a great opportunity to share my work!  I worked feverishly during my last couple of weeks in San Luis Obispo to prepare eight pieces that were ready for display.  Here are the pieces that I chose:

Just a few days ago the business exhibit rotation started and eight of my photographs are now displayed on the walls of a San Luis Obispo law firm!!  My awesome mom took care of hanging the prints for me and she even took a few pictures so I could see what they look like hanging on the law office walls.

So far the feedback from those who work at the law office has been really good! They even have more empty wall space so I am having seven more prints made. Over the next several months my photos will rotate through several San Luis Obispo businesses. If I'm lucky I might even sell a few!

A special thanks to my mom who has been taking care of hanging my pictures and will be framing my new prints.  Its a lot of work to do for someone else, especially considering that she is also a photographer trying to promote her own work!  There aren't even words to express how grateful I am.  Thank you, mom!!


Cat said...

You are so worth it! ;) My pleasure!

Mrs.Crab said...

HOW AMAZING!!! What an awesome opportunity Ang... So proud of ya!! And it sounds like you have a wonderful Mom... lucky girl!! Any tips for sending your files to print?

Angela said...

Meg - thanks :) and yes, I have an amazing mom!! as for sending files to print I'm using Mpix right now and they are great! Even reasonably fast sending them here! I got their calibration kit and then just export from lightroom at their requirements for size and color space to upload. Easy peasy :)