Friday, June 04, 2010

Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photo Walk

Guess what!?! I have been accepted as a leader for Scott Kelby's 3rd Annual Worldwide Photo Walk!  I've wanted to participate in this event for the past couple of years but there haven't been any walks in Sicily.  Last year the closest one was in Malta, and I did entertain the idea of going just for the photo walk, but alas I had other commitments.

So, you may be asking yourself what exactly is a photo walk? Its a social photography event where photographers get together to walk around a shoot photos.   Last year there were over 900 Photo Walks and more than 32,000 participants!

This year I decided that as the lead facilitator for the Sigonella Photography Club that we would make this event one of our monthly field trips.  On July 24, 2010  I will be leading a photo walk for up to 50 people through Ragusa Ibla!!  Anyone can sign up to be part of the walk, not just Americans in my photo club.  Whew, a bit scary, but it will be fun!  I hope we get Italian participation! My Italian isn't that great so hopefully I can find someone fluent in both English and Italian to assist me.  Otherwise, my attempts will be entertaining, at best.

I will post a link to my Photo Walk page soon.  I need to go to Ragusa this weekend to scout out our route before I can set up the website. As I get more information I will post it, but for now, mark your calendars for July 24!  If you are in Sicily, stay tuned, I will be posting signup information soon.

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Cat said...

You go girl, wish I had your energy and confidence!!
You are going to love it! Last year was great...