Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wandering in Caltagirone

This evening Les & I headed to Caltagirone so I could scout out a park for portrait shoots.  We found a good area with grass and lots of shade, perfect for a couple of upcoming shoots with small kids.

After wandering the park I was overcome for my desire for dinner! We started walking toward a kebab shop that we like.  On the way we stopped for a pre-dinner gelato, YUM! It was a good thing that we had a snack because when we reached the kebab shop we were told to come back in 20 minutes, they were not quite ready to open.

While we waited for the shop to open we wandered in and out of several ceramics stores admiring the artwork and craftsmanship.

I also found myself drawn to brightly colored Vespas.

We had a fantastic dinner and then headed back toward the car.  On the way we got an awesome view of the rising moon.

It was a fantastic evening out! Truly enjoyable to be out taking pictures and hanging out with my hubbie.

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